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Finally, there is good news for smokers and former smokers. Researchers have found genes that are very specific to patients with lung cancer. These genes are present even in healthy tissue but may be able to be used to predict which smokers can eventually suffer lung cancer.

Apparently, there is a natural supplement that comes from food which is being tested to prevent lung cancer and it actually seems to slow down the precancerous changes.

This most important gene is called P13K , which affects the pathway of the other genes. It is found in the windpipe of smokers, thus, if this new theory works, patients wouldn’t have to endure the uncomfortable other tests that are needed for diagnosis. The windpipe would only be as far as necessary to go for testing. Although lung cancer does develop deep in the lungs when you smoke, these cells will be able to tell whether you are in the process of developing lung cancer.

The study was done on patients that smoked and also had vague symptoms that could have been lung cancer or other problems. The researchers collected cells from the windpipes, using a tiny brush. The researchers found that the P13K gene was identified in the patients that had lung cancer. P13K is also identified in dysplasia which are precancerous lesions.

Scientists are very optimistic about their findings and hope that many lives will be saved.


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