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Genetic Mutation May Help Men With Prostate Cancer A genetic mutation discovered by researchers may be a tool physicians can use to help decide which men need to be treated for potentially aggressive prostate cancer.

Reports from the National Academy of Sciences state that men displaying genetic changes faces a risk 26% greater then men who do not of suffering from the aggressive form of prostate cancer. One of the studies main researches said that although the finding on its own is not enough to make total predictions about which men will suffer aggressive forms of prostate cancer, the fact that the mutation existing in the genome has been identified is important and significant because it reveals variants that predispose males to the aggressive type.

Researchers agree that this finding is relevant and can be an important piece in creating a screening technique that will decrease or eliminate over diagnosing. At the same time, the finding may help pinpoint those men who are susceptible to the aggressive form of prostate cancer at a critical stage when the disease can be treated and hopefully cured.

The study included 4,849 men that have prostate cancer in an aggressive state. as well as 12,205 men living with slow growing prostate cancer. Researchers studied 27,000 genetic mutations (nucleotide polymorphisms) and found one that was 26% more common in men who have the aggressive type of the disease.

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