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Drinking Coffee and Tea Reduces Risk of Diabetes.There is growing evidence that shows drinking coffee or tea could help prevent diabetes. Just recently in an analysis of 18 studies that involved hundreds of thousands of people, it was found that by drinking coffee or tea, the risk of diabetes was dramatically reduced.

In research that was conducted in 2005 it was discovered that those who drank the most coffee were less likely—one third in fact—to develop diabetes than those who drank less coffee. Since then, it has also been found those who drink coffee, are twice as likely not to get diabetes and that also includes those who drink tea and decaf coffee.

In addition, research also has shown that for every cup of coffee that a person consumes each day, the likelihood of getting diabetes is lowered an additional 7 percent. What is even more interesting is that those who consumed three to four cups of decaf coffee had a 36 percent lower risk of getting diabetes.

It has been suggested that those who drink a lot of coffee or tea probably have other health characteristics that help ward off diabetes such as healthier diets and effective exercise programs.

To help balance out this positive report, it is clear to some that clinical trials are still needed to evaluate whether coffee and tea do indeed keep diabetes from forming or whether other substances in these beverages are doing the preventative work such as magnesium or antioxidants.

There is additional evidence that shows coffee and tea may also help prevent the onset of dementia and Alzheimer’s.
So go pour yourself a cup because coffee drinking, in moderation, is looking better every day.

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