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longtime spouse, Ryan O’Neal, told People magazine Fawcett’s battle with cancer is a great deal more serious than she has let the world know, and she has now stopped medical treatment. longtime spouse, Ryan O’Neal, told People magazine Fawcett’s battle with cancer is a great deal more serious than she has let the world know, and she has now stopped medical treatment.

“She stays in bed now. The doctors see that she is comfortable. Farrah is on IVs but some of that is for nourishment. The treatment has pretty much ended,’ O’Neal said in an interview on the magazine’s website on Thursday.

“When Ryan spoke out like that, it was like a sign that it was OK for the goodbyes to begin,”  said a family friend close the couple. “We’ve all wanted to remain positive for as long as possible.”

Farrah’s treatment has essentially ended, she receives nourishment via an IV and “the doctors see that she is comfortable”, assures Ryan O’Neal. Their imprisoned son Redmond O’Neal is seen in an upcoming NBC documentary cuddling in bed with his dying mother while on prison leave. The ducmentary titled “Farrah’s Story”, airs May 15.

Fawcett first confronted caner in 2006, when she as diagnosed with inoperable anal cancer. She had aggressive treatments in California and Germany. Subsequently a mere four months of treatment, the star was proclaimed well and she made many public appearances. But a few months later, during a check-up, it was clear to doctors that the cancer had returned and spread to her liver. The cancer in the liver was also believed inoperable.

As if the family does not have enough to worry about, new reports of a woman named Dania Marin, 20, reports an incident on May 6 when O’Neal  asked her inappropriate questions.  Papers have now been filed to the Los Angeles Superior Court on May 8.

17 Responses to “UPDATE 1: Farrah Fawcett’s friends and family start to say goodbye”

  1. We love you Farrah. You’re a person who was always beautiful on the inside as well as on the outside. You will be missed in this life. I wish you a “goodbye”.

  2. Deborah Hood May 9, 2009

    I was diagnosed with anal squamous cell carcinoma in 2003 at the age of 51. I had very aggressive chemo and radiation treatments and recovered. Nearly four years later, the cancer spread to both lungs. I went to M.D. Anderson for treatment, then two surgeries. 27 months post treatment, my cancer is in remission.

    I’m so sorry for Farah and her family. I pray for an easy transition to her next life.

  3. robert smith May 9, 2009


    Farrah…. you take care, and you are in all our thoughts..

    you were and still are beautiful…

    nite nite

    robert (scotland united kingdom)

  4. Sitting here in Westwood today, Saturday, praying for and sending our thoughts and prayers to Farrah today. We love you so much! Jeff & Andrew

  5. armandina guerra May 9, 2009

    a beautiful lady originally from corpus christi texas, as eva longoria. God be with sweetheart. You will always be a legend we will never forget you.

  6. Frank driver May 9, 2009

    Bless you babe. I remember you and Lee at Theodore’s when we were all younger and hopeful. You’re in my prayers and meditation ohmmmmmmm mane pame ohmmmmmm heaven awaits your grace

  7. Lycrecia Stewart May 9, 2009

    you and your family are in my throughts, you are one beautiful lady you will be missed

  8. A fan May 9, 2009

    May our Lord Jesus Christ take you into his arms and gently guide you into heaven. You will be missed by family, friends and fans. God Bless you Farrah

  9. Kristi Golden May 13, 2009

    You are so beautiful and sweet.You will be loved and missed by everyone.God will take you from this pain and suffering.May Gd bless your family and you, and see them through these hard times of losing someone whom they love so dearly.God bless you <3

  10. You were my idol growing up. You’ll always be an angel to me. God bless you!!!

  11. Jackie May 15, 2009

    Dear Farrah,

    Tonight I watched “Farrah’s story”. I have been crying

    all night. You are an amazing women with incredible strength. You have an amazing life.
    There are not many people who could hold a candle to your
    courage,strength and accomplishments in your life. I cry
    because I grew up watching and admiring you but knowing who I am and happy with myself. Today, I styled my hair like
    yours and received several compliments from my clients.
    I believe we are all here for a purspose and when the
    mission is complete we will return to the heavens. You
    keep the fight but know that you have touched many lives
    and everyone prays for your recovery. When your mission is completed the lord will take you back home. Be not afraid,
    it it we who are afraid to live without you. You have touched many lives and have lived a full life. I know that
    Ryan is the love of your life and I often wondered why you
    guys never got married? Perhaps that piece of paper was
    unimportant because the public can see that you two are
    totally in love and devoted to one another. But I am curious
    and would love to know your thoughts. You are an inspiration
    to all of us and may God Bless you .

  12. Angie May 17, 2009

    I watched your documentary last night and understand that you may not be well enough now to hear and understand this. I know your loving family is near and I just want to thank you for your witness of faith and you will soon have your reward in heaven. Peace to you and your family.

  13. Aleada Wilkins May 17, 2009

    Hi Farrah, My name Is Aleada Wilkins I’m from Owensboro Kentucky, I am writing to you to say how much you are loved, not only from fans, but from God (our lord Jesus Christ). I know you love him, I heard what you said on your documentary. I want you to know that I pray for you and pray that God holds you in his loving arms. I wish I could hold you also and tell you how his grace is so sufficent and that he is a loving God and a healing God. When you have tried Chemo, radiation and other drugs. Try Jesus….He still heals. I know that sometimes we don’t understand why things happen. I know that God has his will in everything. I also know he is still alive and his spirit dwells in us. If i could I would be there with you and read scriptures to you and pray with you and believe with you In JESUS’s ALMIGHTY Name it would make you feel better. If not me I hope God sends someone. I am just a person that loves Jesus, and loves people. My heart was broken when I watched your documentary. I cried and prayed for you. I have witnessed someone that was healed by God. He had Hoskins disease. The Doctors gave up on him. It’s been at least 15 years cancer free. It doesn’t matter what kind of cancer you have God is still God!! If you would give all your heart, soul, and strenght to him, tell him how much you love him and appreciate him and to forgive you of your sins (if you haven’t already) tell him he is the most important thing in your life. I’m just a person that believes that God does heal. He loves you so much. He loves all of us, but he just wants us to live for him and put him first. He has so much to offer people, but some turn him away. In God’s eyes he doesn’t look at you as being famous or anything, he looks at you as his child. He looks at your heart, rather your rich, poor, black or white…doesn’t matter to him. I will probably never know if someone reads you this, but I pray they do. I hope that even if it’s one word I have said helps you in some way. I have so much more that I would love to say, but it’s hard typing it on a computer. My heart has so much love and compassion for you that I can’t express it all. I love you and Jesus loves you too!! Aleada Wilkins

  14. Barbara Ann May 21, 2009

    You are wonderful person!

  15. Farrah,
    May God be with you and your family. You will sadly be missed.

  16. Karen June 1, 2009


    If I had the power within me, I would remove the cancer that is terrorizing you but all I can offer is my prayers and I will pray for you, Ryan, Redmond and all your family and friends. You are a sweet, beautiful person and we will surely miss you. I know that if God is calling you home it’s only because He wants His angel back. We love you, Farrah.

  17. Hi Farrah, you will always be in my thoughts and prayers. You were always my favortie actor. I will always miss you. You will always be beatiful woman.